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Snow Tips

  • Snow plows are usually deployed after two inches are on the ground
  • Please be patient--for heavy snowfalls that are rare for this area, it may take a while for streets to be cleared out because plowing companies in this area are not equipped for major snowfalls
  • Pile snow away from the middle of the street. The plowing company doesn't have the equipment necessary to clear large piles
  • Residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes
  • The courts are plowed by a private plowing company and Pickwick is plowed by VDOT
  • Shovel the snow cleared from the sidewalk and parking spaces into the common area or your yard
  • Ensure that the fire hydrants on your street are still visible. If not, please help by clearing them
  • Park legally during snow storms away from "No Parking" areas or in fire lanes. This makes it difficult for plows to get to all areas and presents a safety hazard for emergency vehicles
  • In snowstorms, check on your neighbors that are older and may need assistance
  • When clearing off your cars, make sure to clear your roof off. It is very hazardous to other drivers if you are driving around with a snow pile on it