Annual Inspections

Every spring, Sequoia Management conducts annual inspections of each home to ensure compliance with community rules. Inspections help maintain  property values, as well as ensure a safe and healthy community. For your convenience, we have listed the most frequently-cited violations:

  • Faded, deteriorated, chipped or peeling paint
  • Incorrect color scheme
  • Damaged, deteriorated, chipping or dirty shutters and/or siding.
  • Damaged or chipping cement foundations and/or black parge lines visible.
  • Window screens torn or frames in disrepair.
  • Fences/decks/gates in disrepair, warped or leaning.
  • Trash cans or recycling bins stored in front of house.
  • Tall grass and yard not being maintained.
  • Miscellaneous items (bicycles, toys, tools, etc.) stored in public view on the property.
  • Exterior changes or additions made to the property that have not been approved.
After the management company inspects your property, you will receive a notice if you have violations to correct, along with a deadline for completion. After the deadline, management will re-inspect the houses that were cited for violations and those homes that did not take corrective action will be called to a hearing and may be subject to fines.