Board of Directors FAQs

The Englewood Mews HOA is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. These elected volunteers represent the interests of the community and establish policies.

President: Eric Freitag
Director: Nadir Sumrean
Director: Rajpal Sandhu
Director: Mercedes Rochac-Irwin
Director: Pat Goggins

When/where does the Board of Directors meet?
The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:15 p.m. at the Walney Mills Poolhouse on Crystalford Dr.

Can residents attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings?
Yes, residents may attend the monthly meetings. Residents who plan to attend are strongly encouraged to inform the management company so that your concerns can be properly researched ahead of time, if necessary. At each board meeting, there is a Residents' Forum for anyone who wishes to address the board.

Does Englewood Mews HOA have an annual financial review by an outside party?
Yes, an audit is performed annually by a certified public accounting firm. The community's auditor is Jim Daly from Daly, Hamad & Associates in Herndon.

What is a reserve study?
A reserve study, which is required to be completed at least every five years, enables the Englewood Mews HOA Board to determine what common area upgrades and repairs will be needed in the upcoming years,including roads, sidewalks, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Has Englewood Mews had a reserve study performed recently?
The Property Owners Association Act requires that every association have a reserve study done at least every five years. Englewood Mews' reserve study was completed in 2014 by a professional engineering firm.

Does the Englewood Mews HOA Board of Directors budget for future repairs/improvements identified in the reserve study?
Yes, the Board ensures that there is funding for the reserve study improvements. A portion of homeowners' dues are set aside for the fund. By doing this, the Board strives to ensure adequate funding so that a special assessment will not be needed in the future.

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